To our wonderful Perryville Pet Hospital Clients,

Like many of you, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 impact in our area. Our entire PPH team is currently healthy and our priority is to stay healthy all the while providing the best care to our patients. All measures taken are strictly precautionary. We have created a plan for social distancing effective immediately. Please be patient as we make changes to do the best by our clients, patients and the community.

To date, other Veterinary Hospitals impacted by the Coronavirus are trying to remain in service by restricting access. Many are providing care in their parking lot or are at risk of having to close for an indefinite amount of time. Shutting our doors would be detrimental to our patients. Although this may seem an inconvenience, please know that our precautionary measures have been implemented in hopes to continue to provide the best patient care possible and minimize the chance of us not being readily available to you and your pets.

As of now, we have normal business hours and will be available for all appointments. There are several appointments available this coming week if your pet is in need of medical care.

Effective Immediately – 3/16/2020

  • If you have experienced flu-like symptoms, been near someone with symptoms, or traveled outside of Winnebago/Boone county in the past 14 days – Please DO NOT come to our hospital. Should your pet need care, please provide alternate transportation with friends or family. Also call ahead to inform staff so we can prepare.
  • NON URGENT concerns/questions: please EMAIL us at [email protected], or you can communicate via our PetDesk App (text or direct request) for an appointment or prescription refill. Please allow 24hr for a response or refill.
  • As an abundance of caution, we are limiting public access and initiating CURBSIDE pick up.
  • WE ARE ASKING EVERYONE TO CALL WHEN YOU ARRIVE AND REMAIN IN YOUR CAR. We only have 4 phone lines right now, so if you do not get an answer, give us a minute and try back again. Thank you for your patience.
  • When you schedule an appointment, and when you arrive for your appointment, we will gather as much information over the phone. When you arrive, please call and we will send a staff member to your car. They can discuss further information as needed, and escort your pet inside with our own leash. Many of your pets are often willing and comfortable to join us in our treatment room, so this shouldn’t cause additional stress. We will also collect payment over the phone when possible.
  • Please rest assured we want to make these visits as stress free for your pets (and for you) as possible. If your pet often has anxiety at the vet clinic, we recommend you pick up some mild anti-anxiety medications ahead of time. This helps with the car ride and stress free handling in clinic. And no, we cannot provide these meds for humans. 😊 We do, however, have e-collars for sale if you keep touching your face.
  • To accommodate, we are accepting patients to be dropped off for their appointment needs. The only difference will be that you sign a form to authorize treatments and an estimate if given, and your contact information to reach you when your pet is ready for pick up. We cannot take in leashes/collars/harnesses, blankets, towels, toys, etc. Cat carriers should only contain your cat.
  • Please only one pet-parent for efficient communications.
  • We will greet you with a smile rather than handshakes to practice a healthy distance of at least 3 ft if possible.
  • We frequently clean with disinfectant several times a day all year long. Exam rooms are cleaned between each appointment and our staff already have good habits of washing hands between patients. We are taking extra precautions and have increased the frequency of disinfection as well as our deep cleaning protocols. We have mandated that if any staff are showing any symptoms, they stay home until they are cleared for work.

Please follow us on Facebook for any changes to these policies as time goes on.

Thank you for working with us to remain open and continue care for all your pets.

Dr. Kramer, Dr. Guedet, Dr. Verace & the entire Perryville Pet Hospital Team