Hello from your PPH team!

Thank you all for being so understanding in the protocol changes we have made to keep you and our staff safe, all the while still trying to provide the best pet care. We continue to provide curbside services, with regular hours, and at this time only staff is allowed into the hospital for any reason. Veterinary services have been deemed “essential” so we are here to stay as long as possible and our staff remain healthy. The following protocols remain strictly precautionary and are effective immediately.

**IF you do not already have our PPH PetDesk App, now would be an excellent time to add it to your phone!** Simply download our App directly from our website www.perryvillepet.com and use the email we have on file to ensure your pets’ health information is automatically loaded into the app.

  • We are now operating at reduced staffing levels:
    • Only one doctor is available per day.
    • Emergencies and sick patients will be priority.
    • Call when you arrive for any reason. If you have your pet, please explain the reason for your visit. We will escort your pet inside for exam/treatments. Our vet will call with questions/comments regarding your pets health.
    • To assist in reducing the number of phone calls, please download our PETDESK App to request prescription refills or an appointment or to text us directly. Or email at [email protected]
    • If you do call, please be patient with longer hold times. If you get a VM during business hours, leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP.
    • Prescription foods and medications are still being filled. Please do not “stock up” on medications.
    • Nail trims for difficult to handle or stressed patients will be limited due to less time/staffing available. Anti-anxiety medications can be provided ahead of time if effective.
  • Please continue to support us by filling medications and food through our clinic rather than online or a local pharmacy. We can’t provide every medication, and we are not able to mail all these products at this time. (We hope our own online pharmacy is coming soon!) Our primary focus is on your pets’ health and wellbeing, but we are also a small business and rely on pet visits and product purchases to keep going. If you already order online, we ask that you consider ordering through us during this difficult time. Thank you for your support!
  • We legally cannot provide medical advice or medications for your pet if he/she has not been seen by one of our veterinarians within the past 12 months.

We will be initiating TELEMEDICINE / PHONE CONSULT services effective immediately.

  • Meant for the high risk & ill persons, families quarantined due to exposure, anyone with travel outside of Winnebago/Boone Co within the past 3 weeks, or whoever cannot leave their home otherwise.
  • OR if you simply prefer not to utilize our curbside services, you may set up a consult as directed below.

How do I schedule a telemedicine/phone consult appointment?

  1. PetDesk App for current clients, request an appt for pet of choice, Select reason for appointment (“Telemed/phone consult” should be visible soon), enter date/time desired, we will reach out to confirm availability.
  2. If your pet is ill and needs a more urgent consultation, please CALL our hospital directly.
  3. Send an email with your medical questions, pets clinical signs, and/or photos of your pet’s condition (with a close photo of the issue, and a distant photo of your pet so we can see where the problem is on your pets body), and we will contact you with available consult times.
  4. If we need to do live video consults, our PPH Facebook Messenger is our current option.
  • Telemedicine/Phone Consult Fees are paid ahead of time, non-refundable, and are priced as follows:
    • If we are following up within 3 weeks of an in-hospital visit, for the same medical condition, there is no charge for one additional brief consultation with the veterinarian or technician.
    • A per pet fee of $60 for new consultations or a $45 fee for follow-up consults are non-refundable and required to secure your appointment.
    • Consult fees includes any type of communication with veterinary technician and/or veterinarian for upto 20 minutes.
    • Should an in-hospital exam be recommended, your telemed/phone fee will apply towards that visit if it is scheduled within 24hr.
    • Any diagnostic testing samples (urine, feces) dropped off without first consulting with a team member will have the usual consultation fee applied.
    • Our staff will determine whether your pet would need a full or brief consultation based on the clinical signs of your pet.
    • A telemedicine authorization form requires a signature at the time the appointment is scheduled. This can be found by clicking here.

On a more personal note…We must preserve our resources as much as possible to keep our doors open. Pets are proven to reduce stress and provide companionship and we need to preserve that special relationship as much as possible in these trying times. Our staff, like many of you, worry about the uncertainty of the future. In hopes to secure our staff as long as possible and continue to provide the best care to your pets, the hospital owners have ceased their compensation in order to preserve it for more important matters.

Again, we thank you for all your support of our hospital. Stay safe and healthy. We’re here if you need us.


Dr. Kramer, Dr. Guedet & Dr. Verace