Happy Spring everyone!

So far our team members remain healthy, and we hope to keep it that way. 

Curbside care has been successful! Many clients have some anxiety about their pet being away from them, but please let us assure that they are all doing quite well. Taking pets through our side door, not passing by other animals, and being protective of their caregivers actually keeps the vet anxiety down quite a bit.

Don’t forget about our 24/7 phone service – call our # to speak with a veterinary professional or leave a VM.
Download our PETDESK App (www.perryvillepet.com) to schedule appointments, request meds/food, get reminders and text us!

A couple of updates:

Curbside care will likely continue through June, maybe longer. Please do not put off your pets wellness appt or care too long just because you cannot join them inside the building. Please understand we respect your pet and care for them the same as if you were right there.
Call when you arrive & we’ll escort your pet inside with our own leash or in a carrier. Please do NOT let your dog/cat exit the vehicle without restraint.

Our phones are busy!!! Use PetDesk App, Email or Text 815-229-1234, if you do not have an urgent request.

We have telemedicine consults available for a fee, ONLY for current clients.
If you have a food/meds pick up, you can pay ahead of time; it doesn’t have to be when you arrive.
We are protecting our doctors and team members as much as possible! We have ONE doctor scheduled per day, and are prioritizing ER’s & newly ill pets. If all our doctors have to be quarantined for 2wks, we can’t provide any services! UW Madison has limited appt due to a positive staff member, Janesville ER & and the ER clinic in Crystal lake are closed at this time due to Covid.
The Animal ER of Rockford is still open.
We’re starting to catch up on March/April wellness appt!
May/June wellness appt are delayed 2-3 wk beyond the due date.

If you need heartworm preventatives, we can provide it till your appointment as long as your pet has been on it through the winter.
If you need flea/tick preventatives, we can provide anytime!
If you are unable or unwilling to leave your home, and your pet needs food/meds, please communicate with our team member and we will do our best to accommodate and ensure your pet gets what they need.
The most difficult part of these restrictions has been when it’s time to say goodbye to your furry companion. We have created a comfortable space to allow for privacy during this difficult time. You are still able to be with your pet through the experience. Please know it’s hard for us too, to provide the needed support at a 3 foot distance. We do everything we can to still make your pet’s last journey a peaceful one.

On a lighter note, who needs a nail trim? Cindy at Canine & Able behind our clinic, has graciously offered to help with the demands of nail trims/dremels. We are thankful she can help us! Call 815-397-4616 to check her availability.

Our new online pharmacy has worked out for many that can’t leave home. We will always appreciate the purchase of any product directly from our clinic to help support the local small business but, online is now an option; https://perryvillepet.com/online-stores/. Our hospital covers shipping (no minimum purchase) and sales tax (unlike stores or other online pharmacies). Please know that like other online shopping, there is a delay in shipping. They say 10 business days till products are being shipped. We say plan ahead 2-3 before delivery. We can provide you with a small supply if needed. https://perryvillepet.vetsfirstchoice.com/covid-19-response

That’s it for now! We can’t wait for us to get back to our usual protocols, but till then, we’ll continue to greet you out in the sunshine as the great masked veterinary team!

Have a wonderful day!
The Doctors and Team Members of Perryville Pet Hospital